Essential Tools For Interstate BBQ Festival!

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Current Festival Map


Covid Protocols

Yes, this has changed since ShamRocked


PARKING Map/Vehicle Entrances


Buildings/Parking Map


Entrance/Flow Map


Trash Cans/Picnic Tables


banners/signs map



ENTRANCE - on scaffolding at entrance

DO NOT USE > TICKETS - on scaffolding at ticket sales


COVID - at entrance, pav 1, pav 2 (1&2 facade outfacing)

JULIE FRITSCH (2) - front of Kennel Bldg, in pav 3



Dirty Boots 4x4 - back of bleachers

BBQ Fest 4x4 - BACK OF AC&T

Blues Fest 4x4 - back of bleachers

Wine Fest 4x4 - back of bleachers

Giant Jenga 2x8 - see Elmo

Karaoke 2x4 - see Elmo, Rob


EXIT 2x4 (2) - facing in Main 2, opposite of Entrance

Leaving Cars Overnight - see Elmo


Covid Reminder

Ticket Prices

BEER Prices

Pony Ride Price





- INSIDE TABLES: (We are only using Kennel Bldg for Staff)

- OUTSIDE TABLES (70-6'): 6 at MUSIC STAGE w/chair, 6 at FRONT GATE w/3chairs, 4 at BEER TENT w/2chairs, 53 at VIP PAVILION with 6 Chairs per table = 318 chairs, 1 at Ponies w/chair. (2-8'): at TICO's (#17). (3 additional 6') one per toilet bank for hand sanitizer.

- GAMES: 2X Giant Jenga, Cornhole - both in Cow Wash

- COOLERS: We do not need coolers for this event, other than for KCBS Reps Water in large white coolers or 4 red coolers - and our drinks if no refrigerator.


Bands/Sound/Karaoke Vendors/BBQ TEAMs & Judges / Re-Entry


11am-1:30pm - The Brahman Noodles

2pm-3pm - Maryland Institute of Music

3:30pm-6pm - South Mountain Breed

*Bands will arrive one to three hours before their time and will contact staff. Supervisor, Lead, or Staff needs to welcome them and explain how/where to unload/park (See Elmo/Rob before event), Only the bands members get in free. There will be no "I'm with the band", except in the case of MIM, some parents need to drive their kids to the back and should be told to come back to front to pay admission (or use their tickets).


"All Sound Pro" will arrive about two hours before start (9am), Contact Elmo/Rob immediately

They do not need event tickets


"Can Can Karaoke" will arrive around 2 or 3pm. Show them to their space just like a band or late arriving vendor. No need to contact Elmo/Rob, until 6 or 7pm when they are ready to leave.

They do not need event tickets.


Per the vendor manual, all vendors and their helpers get into the event for free and never need to go to the front gate. When late arriving staff arrive, they get in on the honor system, just ask which vendor they are with and make a note/tick.


BBQ Teams will literally be everywhere and you may not know who they are. But again, we are letting them in and out via the honor system - If they say they are with a team, let them in (during the event you can make notes per team name on a map)


There will be over 100 judges arriving between 9am and 10:30am, so there should not be much of an issue, but we can always ask to see their credentials because they must carry them. Between 10am and 10:30 pay closer attention to those just walking into the event, greet everyone to make sure they are a judge. VIP's and General Admission cannot enter until 11:00a.m.


Re-Entry is allowed to anybody, all day. If they are an attendee, use a stamp to mark them for ease of re-entry



All Security Personnel must wear vests

- EARLY SHIFT - Assist with parking (See Elmo, Pete)

- MAIN WAVE (11am-1pm) - check larger bags, answer questions, welcome patrons, keep lines in order, remind of masks & social distancing, assist with parking if needed.


- MID TO ENDING SHIFT - Continue above + roam inside festival for appearance and deterrent. Diffuse anxious situations. Escort unruly patrons. Contact 911 if emergency.

5:30pm - Two Hands On Deck (one or two stay inside)




- BEER CUPS: 14 OZ Clear Plastic Only (Wine=9oz wine cups)


- WRISTBANDS: THE ONLY WRISTBANDS for this event are VIP Ticket Holders (RED/WHITE CHECKERED - GIVE to them at gate, we need not apply) and BEER DRINKER (BRIGHT GREEN CD Equipment) - given by beer/alcohol staff after confirming ID.

- SCANNING DEVICES: Like ShamRocked, we are NOT scanning tickets: either take their ticket or fake scan/check their mobile ticket. LOOK FOR VIP Tickets and give VIP wristbands.

- VOLUNTEER SHIRTS: All volunteers have already given us their sizes, it is best to bag and/or tag all of these shirts in advance (these shirts are NOT for sale)

- SECURITY VESTS: 6. These must be inventoried and maintained - all security personnel must wear a vest during their shift as security.

- RADIOS: All LEADS, Elmo, Sarah, Rob, Cheryl/Ticket Sales. Who is going to remember to charge these puppies overnights? Label-maker Names on them? +6 NEW RADIOS!

- STAPLER/STAPLES/TAPE/PENS/ZIP TIES: Self explanatory? Zip ties are what holds the fence up. Small banners are stapled, large banners are screwed (See Elmo)

- FESTIVAL MAPS: Paper Copies available at HQ, also here (website) and FB pages.

- COVID: At Main Entrance we will have extra masks, gloves, hand sanitzer, disinfectant, etc.

- ICE: There is NO ICE at this event - see Walmart or Dollar General or Gas Station.

- TRASH BAGS: Facility "Usually" supplies the 55 gallon heavy duty trash bags that our patrons deserve! If not, we in big trouble (we have some in storage)

- WIFI: Wifi is actv1000 (so not give out, only works in MAIN)

- WATER/SODAS/SNACKS: One case to music stage, 400 for KCBS Judges in cooler(s), also for volunteers and staff (in kitchen or in coolers).


- STAGE: See Elmo, positioned, secured, tables, water, skirt

- GENERATOR: 1 back up generator goes to stage

- FENCE/STAKES: See Elmo, normal bbq fest set up on map

- PORT A POTS: See map, ask Elmo or Rob

- DUMPSTERS: See Elmo, One behind stage area needs to be out of sight.

- CAMPER: This is Rob's office during the event, see Elmo or Rob upon arrival for placement - behind kitchen.

- EMS: Usually... EMS sets up in tiny parking lot inside fence, sometimes they are out on calls or roaming.

- ATM: YES - at Ticket Sales/Front Gate

- BEER TRAILER (1): See Rob

- SCAFFOLDING: See Elmo, for Entrance Only

- TENTS: Yellow 10x15 at Beer, green 10x10 at Entrance, pink 10x10 at Ponies.

- PICNIC TABLES: Should be in place, see map, listen to Elmo, Rob

- TRASH CANS: Should be in place, see map, listen to Elmo, Rob

Large Logistics




Volunteer Schedule




Staff Members

Supervisor (Outside) - Chris "Elmo" Pierce

Supervisor (Inside) - Sarah Black

Wednesday: 4 pm - 8 pm - Painting lines and numbers for BBQ teams (with Chuck and Tina)​

  • Elmo

  • Steve


Thursday: 11 am - 8 pm - Get Uhaul, go to storage, set-up (with Chuck and Tina)

  • Ryan 

  • Victoria

  • Andrea (greet incoming BBQ teams)

  • Elmo

  • Steve


Friday: 9 am - 6 pm - Festival set-up. Dumpster, toilets arrive, vendor space marking, set up stage, fence, tables, banners, etc

  • Ryan

  • Andrea

  • Victoria

  • Jess

  • Matt (4 pm - 7 pm)

  • Elmo

  • Steve

**Anyone interested in staying to watch the competition is welcome to on their own time


Saturday: FESTIVAL DAY!!!

 **Vendors arrive between 8 am - 10:30 am

 **Gates open at 11 am

 ** Event ends at 6 pm

  • Ryan - 7 am - 6:30 pm SET-UP//BEER/VIP CONCIERGE

Break 11:30 am, Lunch 2 pm

  • Jess - 7 am - 6:30 pm VOLUNTEERS

Break 11 am, Lunch 2 pm

  • Pete - 7 am - 6:30 pm SECURITY

Break 10:15 am, Lunch 1 pm

  • Nicole - 7 am - 6:30 pm VENDORS

Break 10:45 am, Lunch 1 pm

  • Andrea - 7 am - 8 pm VENDORS/SET-UP/EXTRA COVERAGE

Lunch 11:30am, Break 3 pm

  • Kim - 10 am - 8 pm WIYNN TENT

  • Stuart - 7 am - 3 pm VENDORS/SECURITY

Lunch 12 pm

  • Matt - 9 am - 10 pm LOGISTICS/SECURITY/TEAR DOWN

Lunch 12 pm, Break 6:30 pm

  • Taylor - 9 am - 10 pm GATE/PONY RIDES/TEAR DOWN

Lunch 1:30 pm, Break 7 pm

  • Jami - 9 am - 7 pm GATE/EXTRA COVERAGE

Lunch 12:30 pm, Break 5 pm

  • Michael - 10 am - 7 pm BEER/TEAR DOWN

Lunch 2:30 pm

  • Victoria - 10 am - 10 pm SECURITY/TEAR DOWN

Lunch 2 pm, Break 6:45 pm

  • Elizabeth - 10 am - 6 pm SECURITY/BEER

Lunch 3 pm




Sunday: 8 am - 11 am - Tear Down

  • Matt

  • Taylor

  • Victoria

  • Elmo 

  • Steve


All Staff are responsible for taking their own break/lunch times. Check in with Sarah for clock in/out times.


Staff Rules

Our “clients” are why we all have this job. These clients include our patrons, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, performers, etc. If you are not sure if somebody is a client, please assume they are and treat them with the utmost respect, fore without them, we don’t have jobs.
Cell Phones
Phone usage in any capacity should be limited. Our clients are our number one priority, and we don’t want them to see us ignoring them. Phones can be used to assist clients via maps, rules and general event info.
Keep yourself and your work areas CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN always. If you see trash or
debris, please throw it away. If there is an area that can be straightened please clean it up.
Employee Meals
It is your responsibility to feed yourself before your scheduled shift or wait until after your shift to eat on your own time.
If you are working a long enough shift to grant a meal break, please be prepared and either bring your own meal or money to buy yourself a meal. Your immediate supervisor will notify you of your meal break.
If you smoke or vape, please communicate with your supervisor or team lead and do so OUT of any client’s sight.
Drug and Alcohol Policy
The welfare and success of this company depends on the physical and psychological
health of its employees. The abuse of drugs and/ or alcohol poses a serious threat to both
the company and its employees. Any employee who engages in the sale of or is found
under the influence of habit forming or illicit drugs or alcohol which impair judgment,
performance, or behavior while at work, will be subject to discipline or grounds for
Employee should report to lead upon arrival to clock in. Lead will handle the time clock system. 
If breaks are required, check in with the lead to coordinate and clock out and back in.
Employee needs to check in with lead when their shift is over to clock out.
**Employee is responsible for clocking in/out in order to receive their pay.
Employee will receive their paycheck via direct deposit the Friday after the event has occurred. 
Come to work on time! Tardiness will not be tolerated. Excessive tardiness will result in forfeiture of shifts, suspension, or grounds for termination. “LATE” is defined as anything past your scheduled report time. Contact your supervisor if you are going to be late.
Call Offs
We understand that emergencies do happen. We do, however expect you to contact us as soon as possible if you are going to miss a scheduled shift. We may ask for proof of said emergency. Failure to produce such proof could result in suspension of future shifts,
or grounds for termination.
No Call No Show (NCNS)
Wiynn has a zero tolerance for NCNS’s. If you are scheduled for a shift and you cannot make that shift due to an emergency, we need to know prior to that shift. If you fail to show to a scheduled shift and do not contact us prior, we will take that as your official resignation.
Safety Policies
Employee safety and health can be affected at work in two ways; on-the-job injuries and/or illnesses due to a condition(s) of the work environment. Occupational safety and health, for obvious reasons, constitute a legitimate area of interest and concern for both employers and employees. Likewise, government attention has been focused on this area. For example, it was the intent of the U.S. Congress to create a safer work environment that led to the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970. Employee safety and well-being are matters of constant concern to us. Therefore, we will fully support, assist and cooperate with clients in the formulation and implementation of workplace safety rules governing employee conduct and safety programs, which are designed to:
• Foster and promote safe and healthy work habits and practices; and
• Reduce the frequency of accidents, injuries and losses in the workplace.
Employee Injury
Care first, then alert supervisor...
Firearms or weapons of any kind are not permitted on event grounds under any circumstance.
We will not allow any form of sexual harassment within the work environment.
Sexual harassment interferes with work performance, creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, influences or tends to affect the career, salary, working conditions, responsibilities, duties, or other aspects of career development of an employee or prospective employee, or creates an explicit or implicit term of condition of an individual’s employment. Therefore, IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
It is the established policy of ours that sexual harassment by and of its employees is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. “Sexual harassment” includes but is not limited to:
a. All unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors;
b. Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature;
c. Making submission to or rejection of such conduct the basis for any employment related decisions affecting the employee; and
d. Creating a hostile, offensive working environment by such conduct.
This policy refers not only to supervisor-subordinated actions but also applies to actions between employees and other non-employees. Any employee who believes he or she has been the subject of sexual harassment should report the alleged act immediately to his or her supervisor. If the claim involves the supervisor, the employee should report it to one of the owners.
The employee must make a written statement of the complaint. A confidential investigation of any complaint will be undertaken. Generally, personnel will conduct such an investigation; however, there may be times that investigations will be conducted by personnel outside of us. If the complaint is deemed to be valid, the offender will be subject to appropriate sanctions, depending on the circumstances, up to and including discharge.
Special note: This policy may also be used by an employee who feels they are the victim of racial, religious, ancestry, national origin, age, gender or disability.
Wiynn operates under a high standard of ethics and personal conduct. As employees of Wiynn, you are expected to adhere to all guidelines presented in this rules statement. These causes for dismissal and wage adjustment exist for the protection and safety of all persons connected with Wiynn.
1. Absence without cause
2. Tardiness
3. Insubordination
4. Smoking without permission
5. Violating the cell phone policy
6. Dishonesty
7. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at work
8. Discourtesy to customers
9. Improper dress (grooming and cleanliness)
10. Inability to comply with schedule of hours
11. Incompetence
12. Eating without permission
13. Quarreling with other employees
14. Use of indecent language
15. Defacing of property
16. Failure to report an incident of dishonesty or theft
17. Excessive fraternizing with event patrons while working
18. Theft of money or property
19. Obvious disciplinary problems outside of the event
20. Failure to follow safety regulations and procedures
21. Failure to wear your uniform


Any Unused Ticket From Interstate BBQ Festival 2020 WILL BE Valid at Interstate BBQ Festival 2021

ALSO, IF Any 2021 Event is Postponed/Rescheduled, Tickets WILL BE Valid on the new date OR at any other IFG event in 2021

The Interstate Festival Group professionally produces large, safe, fun events in Hagerstown, MD. 

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