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EVENTBRITE – Change In Ticketing

In our continued efforts to streamline the platform experience, we are changing the way attendees access their tickets. As of March 15th, attendees will no longer receive PDF tickets in their order confirmation and reminder emails. Instead, they can access their tickets with the Eventbrite mobile app, where they can conveniently ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ or save their ticket as an image.

Where attendees can find their tickets

When an attendee orders tickets on Eventbrite, an account is created for them using the email address they enter during checkout. To access their tickets, they should log in to the Eventbrite app or website using the email on their order, then go to Tickets.

Next Steps

There is no immediate action for you to take. Eventbrite's automated order confirmation and event reminder emails will be updated with direct links for attendees to access their tickets through the Eventbrite app. 

What are the benefits?

  • Efficiency: Helping attendees access tickets faster means shorter entry lines and smoother operations at the door.

  • Convenience: Attendees will now have their tickets with them on their devices. No need to print, and no tickets left at home. iOS device users can add their tickets to their Apple Wallet, and all users can save their tickets as an image before they leave home, which allows for easy check-in even in low internet connectivity spots.

How will it work? 

  • Attendees will need to show event staff their tickets on the app. If attendee is unable to access their ticket, they can be manually checked in by the organizer via the Eventbrite Organizer App

  • In addition to the app, attendees will still be able to access their PDF tickets by logging into Eventbrite's website and clicking on the tickets icon on the top right of the page.

  • In cases where an attendee cannot access their tickets through the app or website, the organizer can correct the email address associated with the ticket. See our Help Center article to learn more.

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