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We are proud To be Using Eventbrite for all of our ticketing in 2023.
Per the terms and conditions of your purchase via Eventbrite, EVENT tickets may only be refunded up to 30 days prior to the event. You may give (or privately sell) your ticket(s) to someone you know/trust and they can use them, as we do not check the names on the tickets, we simply scan them. And once they scan once, they are disabled and will not scan again. Soliciting on any of our Facebook pages is not permitted and will result in be banned from our pages. We do not participate in, support or condone any 3rd party marketplace for sales of tickets to our events.

Exchange/Transfer POLICY:

There is no Exchange/Transfer Policy. Each event is independent of the others and there will be no ticket exchanges or transfers.
There should be no ticket issues. If you have one AFTER reading this entire page, please email

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